Interior Painting

At Lobo Painting, we offer interior painting services to transform your home spaces. We apply a fresh coat of paint to protect your wall surfaces and turn dull rooms into bright, vibrant spaces you’ll enjoy for years to come. Our skilled craftsmen are ready for any interior painting job. We always cover and protect floors and furniture, leaving your home spotless. The process begins with the protection of floors and furniture if applicable. The walls, framing and ceilings are then prepared before applying two coats of quality interior paint the brands like Benjamin Moore or Sherwim Williams. Finally, a thorough cleaning is carried out to leave a clean and fresh space.

Exterior Painting

We offer high-quality prep and painting services to protect your home against the elements of the nature Our process begins with power washing cleaning to take of to the surface of all dirt and mildew. Then, we prepare all the chipped paint and perform a light sanding (if is necesary). Next, we applied an oil primer to all the bare areas. Finally, we apply two full coats of exterior grade paint. We clean the surrounding area to remove any debris. We offer quality, long-lasting work and beauty for your exterior painting projects.

Commercial Painting

Lobo Painting offers different types of commercial painting services depending on the needs and schedules of the clients. Whether it’s new construction or refinishing, we have the equipment, processes, and commercial painters to get the job done right and efficiently. If it’s new construction, we prep all the battens, fill the nail holes, and caulk all the joints. We then prime spray the entire unit and, depending on the job, either spray final coats on the walls and ceiling and roll, or just two coats on the walls, ceilings and clapboard. If we are refinishing the units, we start with extensive prep work. All imperfections in the walls and ceilings are filled with putty and sanded. The batten will then be sealed and patched where necessary. Two coats of paint are then applied to the walls and the cleats. The roof may receive one or two coats depending on the scope of work. Most of our commercial clients are operating businesses or active construction projects, we work closely with facility or project managers to ensure that all work is on schedule and with minimal disruption to the business or job site. If you’re looking for the best commercial painters in NJ, give us a call to set up a face-to-face meeting to go over project details, schedules, and receive a quote.